7 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Condo

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When looking at luxury high-rise living do you want to live daily life in the middle of tourists?  Our research shows people are looking to live closer to downtown San Antonio, but not too close.  It’s a lifestyle: people want ease and peace of mind about maintenance and security, but they also want to be closer to all the restaurants and entertainment.


Is your luxury high-rise building approved for Conventional and VA Financing?  This is not easy to find, but when you do the financing benefits are huge!

Party Planning:

Who loves cleaning before and after a party?  My guess would be nobody.  Many luxury high-rise condo owners take advantage of the beautiful common areas available to them for entertaining.  Their favorite part is just showing up!

Caterer’s Kitchen:

You love the common area space for entertaining, but does the building offer a caterer’s kitchen as well?  An important question if you’re entertaining often.  Even for parties in your personal unit having a caterer’s kitchen in the building will keep the cooking mess out of your kitchen when the party gets started.


Are there 24-hour Concierge Services?  Your condo concierge has more to offer than you may think!  We all get busy – a Concierge is able to coordinate deliveries, schedule housekeeping, make reservations, let repair staff in while you’re out and far more.  This comes in handy when life has you running.

HOA Inclusions:

What’s included in the HOA fees?  Watch out for condos that charge extra for things like the Fitness Center.  Also think about your balconies – who is maintaining those?

Gas Cooktop:

Does your luxury condominium provide gas cooktops?  This is a highly desired item for many homeowners – having a gas cooktop is great for you to enjoy while you live there and also great for re-sale!

The Broadway San Antonio offers everything you’ve just read and much more!  Rather than reading more about it now is the time to come in for a visit!  Click here to email The Broadway and schedule your visit to experience “Life at The Top.”

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