7 Tips for a Stylishly Organized Home

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After you have chosen beautiful finishes for your luxury condo, and furniture and artwork are in place, it’s time to start working on the behind-the-scenes spaces such as pantries and closets. Organization is the final step in creating a beautiful, relaxing home environment, and maintaining organized spaces will save you lots of time and energy. April Chalk, professional organizer and owner of NEAT Method San Antonio, offers 7 tips to help you create and maintain a stylishly organized home.

1) Love It or Lose It: Take regular inventory of the things you own. Whether it is your collection of bags or your serving platters, we should love everything we own and be willing to give up the stuff we don’t. Make sure that the valuable real estate in your cabinets and closets is only outfitted with your favorite pieces and nothing more.

2) Purge Before You Purchase: One of the most common organizing mistakes is purchasing a bunch of storage solutions before evaluating what belongings you really need to hang on to. Take time to purge the clothes you are no longer wearing, files you no longer need, and/or medicines that are expired before you buy any containers. Also, make sure to take careful measurements before you purchase so that you won’t find yourself with organizing solutions that don’t really fit your space.

3) Decant Pantry Items: Pantry staples such as baking items, pastas, grains, and breakfast cereals will stay fresh longer and look prettier if they are stored in a clear jar or canister instead of their original bag or box. Not sure which items belong in a canister? If you do not eat/use the entire bag of something at once (e.g., a bag of flour or box of cereal), it is a good item to decant.

4) Label! Label! Label!: Labeling really takes your organization to the next level. It helps make your “behind the scenes” as beautiful as your perfectly styled home and will ensure that anyone in your home will know where to find everything as well as where to put it away.

5) Tops on Top and Bottoms on Bottom: Whether it’s the pots, pans, and their lids in your cabinet or the blouses and pants in your closet, knowing the exact placement will make you more efficient. We prefer to place all tops on top and bottoms on bottom.

6) Get Rid of the “Junk” Drawer: Having a place to store “junk” prevents you from placing those items in a proper home. It only takes a minute to go one step further and keep all like items together instead of corralling everything in one miscellaneous space. If some of the items labeled “junk” are actually necessary, create a “useful” drawer complete with drawer organizers—this type of drawer gives these items a permanent home, and the organizers make it easy to immediately find what you are looking for.

7) Matching Hangers: Switching all of your clothing to matching hangers is the most important step toward having a luxurious master closet. NEAT Method recommends black non-slip slimline hangers because they save space in your closet and the black wears well and looks sleek and beautiful in both light and dark spaces.

Luxury residences at The Broadway come with many built-in features that will make organizing a breeze, but if you prefer to bring in the professionals to customize your space, NEAT Method San Antonio offers exclusive pricing for residents.


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