The Benefits of 5-Star Concierge Services at a Luxury Condo

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We are proud to provide our residents at The Broadway San Antonio with 5-star concierge services. This is one of the features our residents enjoy the most.

What are some of the benefits 5-star concierge services provide? Consider the following:

  • Someone is always home: There is something comforting about knowing you have people watching over the safety of your home all day, every day, whether you are home or not.
  • Valet: Our services include valet parking for your convenience.
  • Package collection: You live a busy life, and might not be home during the day if a package is delivered to your condo. Our concierge staff is able to accept the package for you and keep it safe until you return home.
  • Assistance in emergencies: If you ever experience any sort of emergency, concierge staff are trained to be of assistance in any way possible, whether it’s calling for medical attention, finding emergency repair services, letting you in to your home if you’ve been locked out or any other aid you need.
  • Maintenance: The engineering staff is excellent at handling those everyday maintenance items and can be used to arrange any type of maintenance you need done in your home, such as plumbing, electrical work or appliance repairs.
  • Information: Concierge is able to provide you with a variety of information, including events happening in the area, restaurant recommendations and anything else you might find useful or interesting.

For more information about the specific services we offer at our 5-star concierge desk, contact us today at The Broadway San Antonio. We are happy to answer any questions you have about the amenities we provide to our residents.

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