The Broadway Luxury Condos: San Antonio’s Perfect Home for Business Travelers

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Those who commute for work, specifically by plane, live a unique and intriguing life. Traveling, be it regional or international, allows for amazing opportunities–but there’s always a place you want to be able to call home.

When your schedule is packed with business trips, time is money. The last thing you want to do is fret over the safety of your home, and the first thing you want is to get where you are going as quickly as possible.

Home truly should be your safe haven. It should be the one place you can go to rest and relax peacefully, and be met by familiar faces.

Why luxury condos make the perfect home for frequent flyers:

The luxury condo lifestyle is where convenience meets serenity and elegance. Commuters and business travelers lead busy and fast-paced lives. This is all the more reason to settle in a carefree place that relieves you of worries.

Airport access: You can’t buy time…or can you? If you are a frequent flyer it truly does pay to live minutes from the airport. However, you still want to be able to enjoy your home city.

The Broadways location is about 10 minutes from San Antonio International Airport. Its perfect placement is located on the coveted corner of Broadway and Hildebrand, known as “the gateway to downtown,” with fine restaurants, eclectic shops and an array of cultural offerings only blocks away.

Easy to maintain: Because time is money, it doesn’t make sense for frequent flyers to add home maintenance to their to-do lists. Our luxury condos not only eliminate these troubles but also allow you to add in resort-like amenities all around you.

Someone watching while you’re away: Restricted access, private underground garage parking and discerning concierge services, along with an on-site general manager and maintenance personnel, all bring a sense of freedom from concern when you are traveling. Peace of mind is priceless and not to be overlooked, especially for those often away from home.

Familiar faces: Whether it is our caring staff, the concierge or your neighbors, you will be greeted by familiar faces when you arrive home. Returning from a trip is often met with the chore of gathering basic necessities, such as handling groceries or dry cleaning pick-up/drop-off. This is simply another added perk available from The Broadway that lightens your load.

Your home should always be a familiar and relaxing place to lay your head. With so many jobs requiring loads of travel, it’s not a surprise that condominium sales have increased. It is the logical way to reside that fits both career and lifestyle. Interested in a private tour of The Broadway? Schedule a time that works for you and explore what Luxury High-Rise Living is really all about.

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