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Home is where your heart is. And it’s wondering when you’re going to arrive.

Dozens of songs have been written about it. That place where we keep our fondest memories. Where we take refuge from a world that’s too busy. Our hiding place from grown-up obligations. The little corner where we gather with loved ones to celebrate everyday events. This place, of course, is home.

This is life at a McCombs Properties community. Where luxury is nestled in the beauty of natural places, sidewalks lead to new friendships, and you slow your pace to tuck away treasured memories. It offers all the rewards of a lifetime of hard work, each found just beyond your own front door.

Our Locations

McCombs Properties all have at least one thing in common – chosen with deliberate forethought, each community has unique characteristics that make it truly one-of-a-kind. Whether it’s the surrounding landscape, a nearby water feature or a prime location, the McCombs team works diligently to ensure that we deliver best-in-class for our owners, members and partners.

We build, not for our legacy, but for yours.

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