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Our carefully curated team, from McCombs Properties, will show you first-class service the moment you first step into The Broadway. Not only will our team provide a detailed and private tour of The Broadway, but they will set the bar for the level of attentiveness you should expect as a resident. No matter if you’re looking to buy today, or in a year, the McCombs team is available seven days a week to schedule a private tour of The Broadway. Contact us today to experience Life at the Top.

The Developer

Red McCombs

“The luxury and quality of the tower really placed a spotlight on a new way of living that I think will be important to other developers that we see coming into the area. There is nothing like The Broadway,” said Mr. McCombs.

Red McCombs, founder of San Antonio-based McCombs Enterprises, is a well-respected Texas businessman and successful investor and developer of distinctive, high profile commercial and residential properties across the state of Texas.

Mr. McCombs, his handpicked managerial team and strategic partners at McCombs Enterprises are dedicated to excellence and bring extensive expertise to every project.

The Broadway is the company’s one-of-a-kind flagship residential high-rise, located on one of the best-known corners in San Antonio.

Craig Pietramale

Director of Life at the Top

Craig Pietramale

Click Here to Book an appointment with Craig and View Your Future Condo at The Broadway!”

As a passionate builder of luxury living spaces, Craig is a perfect fit for The Broadway’s team.

He won’t pressure you into buying just any “unit.” Instead, he’ll help you design a luxury space tailored perfectly to your lifestyle, desires, and priorities.

Want to remove a wall to open up that perfect view of downtown San Antonio? Just say the word.

Need to add a separate living space for a live-in relative, nanny or caregiver? Craig has done it, and he’ll do it again.

With over 14 years of real estate experience under his belt, Craig stands among the most elite luxury consultants in the San Antonio area because he believes that comfort should be at the core of every luxury living space. He has earned the respect and appreciation of his clients, and all of the people who call The Broadway home.

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Lane Dixon

The General Manager

Lane Lykes

With 20 years of experience providing luxury concierge services, Lane Lykes brings an incredible level of expertise and hospitality awareness to The Broadway team.

As general manager and head of concierge services of The Broadway, Lykes oversees and manages daily operations and services within the Broadway community.

He emphasizes strong relationships with homeowners built on trust, making him a perfect leader and manager of The Broadway.

Lykes is known for finding ways to say “yes” to virtually all requests made by visitors and residents.

Worth Ross Management Company AAMC facilitates a true understanding of the luxury lifestyle, providing residents five star luxury service by integrating unparalleled hospitality, professional management and superior customer service. The amenities and concierge services provided allow residents effortless and efficient living, relaxation and privacy.

Coordinator of Life at the Top

Nicole Pietramale

Nicole joined The Broadway’s team because she believes that incredible lifestyles are crafted by incredible attention to detail.

With 10 years of experience in real estate, Nicole understands the value of comfort and luxury within a bustling metropolitan area like San Antonio. That’s why she, and her husband Craig, are dedicated to designing residences that provide an escape from the world, a place to relax, a chance to unwind after a long flight, or productive day at the office.

More importantly, Nicole believes that you should never have to compromise on your future home. From your first consultation, to your first day at The Broadway and beyond, she’ll keep an eye on the finer things and ensure all of your needs are met in a timely fashion.

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